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 This is my page of mountain dew enjoyment and fun. I'm making it because I drink Mountain Dew from the moment I wake till I feel the urge to sleep (rare). I bleed DEW; I breathe DEW; It is the only reason I am on this planet. My consumption rate is a remarkable feat mastered by very few. My favorite container for storing and drinking this radioactive secret to life is the "POURFECTION" 2 liter bottle. Even better than the BIG SLAM!! Well enough of my silly ramblings of how great the DEW is because your probably here for the same reason I have searched every corner of the net; one more link of fun and cool information! Before you shut down for the night, I have listed links to other sites that feel the same power to show DEW IS a powerful and incredible beverage that  deserves to be viewed and consumed by everyone in  the world. Enjoy mountain dew daily. I know I will !!!!! Kevin {AXE} Ambler
Don't stare at these too long for you will be compelled to slam another DEW!! GLUG GLUG. I WARNED YOU!
Stupid GitMonty Pythons Completely Useless Web Site>python fans cool page-everything!
Dr. DEWDr. Dews Most EXCELLENT Page>One of the BEST mountain dew sites on the net! ALL DEWICIOUS
bronco stuff tooDarren's Dew & Bronco page.  Some good dew pics and his bronco stuff.
DALLAS STUFF SOONDallas Cowboys . Working on it. when the COWBOYS make the Super Bowl.
Rock ~N~ RollNothing-- BUT FUN?  SO GO HAVE SOME AND listen to some Rock~N~Roll
Jess's Pepsi placePepsi pic's,links,info Jess's place (pepsi make dew so check it out)

MUST FOLLOW ARROW--------> THE DEW CONTROLS YOUR FINGER---> GO NOW  Jeep page of off-roading, My 4X4 Club, and links Rockcrawlers (me) jeep  club and other 4X4 information

Thanx 4 visiting and saying hello

Digging as he does, the rock seems to remain the same size; Y is that?=) This site will be under construction until Mountain Dew no longer exists on the
linear plane of earth. Construction was begun at 02:03 hours January 20, 1998. If you have
any suggested sites that I should add links to, feel free to help me keep all of my links
working and up to date by E-mailing me now. Also, if you feel any of these images are an
infringement of copyrighted material, notify me at once so I can rectify the embarrassing
situation created by promoting a product which I consume regularly and feel I'm actually
helping sell. I am just another banner of free advertisement speaking freely to the world. If
you would like a picture or image im using credited for some reason E-mail me now and I will
Immediately give you the credit you deserve. I am in no way affiliated with Mountain Dew or
its parent company. I just DRINK it. ALL THE TIME AND EVERY DAY. Happy SURFING!!
DIABLO infoDiablo information My fist page. Go back to vote for my Home Page)

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Cool stuff, samples and free pages too <--Check it out for yourself.

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Axe with a Mountain Dew in hand ME Axe next to a DEW hummer, notice dew in hand

My CARD        another hummer (from darrens pages         dew helicopter (again darrens page)         Click for Enlarged view. Thanx friend  Sent in by viewer

You can click  the cans above to see some other mountain dew related pics.
I only have some right now but I'll get more. If you have some interesting dew pics,
and you would like them posted here   E-MAIL ME
0ver 2500 Dew Cans  Me And My Mountain DEW  Mountain Dew Wall Close up   3 pictures of me and my DEW wall !!
Click on one of my new DEW Vision sets To check some cool pictures. Over 2500 !! wow that's almost 250 GALLONS !!
or if you prefer 10.66 12 oz. cans a day. Check the math your self if you like.

Wacky Packages Ruled the 70's
A wacky package from the 70'S

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I think that should cover just about everything I can think of for the time being. As always, if you or any one you know, has suggestions,complaints,etc..... E-MAIL me  {AXE}
So ENDS this page for now 13 april, 1999
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